Looking to step up? Let’s get right to it.


Hosting a donor drive for DKMS is straightforward and has the potential to find a donor for someone in need. Imagine that — that stranger who came by your booth could be the one to save the life of a mother, grandfather or young child.

What we need from you: Pick a date, location and some friends — real ones that won’t let you down. Try not to do anything around midterms, finals or holidays.

Don’t worry we’ve got your back. Seriously. Here’s what we’ll be supplying to make your life easier: 

  • Tabling supplies — DKMS ureact table cloth, pens, forms, swabs and everything you need

  • Promotional materials — social media graphics, signage, fliers, brochures and other educational material

  • A Drive Coach — an expert that knows everything about a drive to make sure your drive goes smoothly. This is one the best parts of hosting a drive with DKMS - you’ll have a hand in getting things done.


Before you go, here are a few basic facts about the process: 

  • The registration process takes about 10 minutes and involves filling out a registration form and swabbing your cheeks.

  • Anyone from 18-55 can register (which means professors and staff members!) but younger donors provide better chances for patients.

  • A $45 donation helps DKMS register more potential lifesavers. Donations are helpful but not required. Usually, if someone is unable to register for medical reasons, a donation is an easy way to contribute to the cause.

  • All of our donors are entered into the NMDP (National Marrow Donor Program) database; there is only one database. If someone has already registered via another organization there is no need to re-register.

  • Here’s how to tackle the question “Does bone marrow donation hurt?”: Of the donors matched, 75% are asked to donate stem cells which are extracted from the bloodstream, like giving platelets. The rest of the donors undergo a procedure to remove marrow from the back of the pelvic bone. This results in just a temporary soreness and goes away within a matter of days.