Getting Started

Thanks for stepping up to host a drive.


Where you come In:

You will…

  • Be our main point of contact for DKMS to organize and execute a drive on campus

  • Recruit and lead your team of friends and volunteers to rock and roll on the day of your drive

  • Ensure that all the registration materials (and swabs!) are returned to DKMS in a timely manner


Where We Come In:

We will…

  • Connect you with a DKMS Drive Coach to guide and train you through your first donor drive

  • Provide tabling supplies and promotional materials

  • Supply qualified, professional references from DKMS for your resume


A Few Reminders:

  • Talk About It — Make sure to promote the drive across social media, flyers, campus forums and more

  • Come to Practice — Attend a volunteer training session with a DKMS Drive Coach before the day of your drive


As a Team Leader:

You will…

  • Be our main point of contact on campus, securing support from university administration when necessary

  • Recruit and lead a team of volunteers who will help you in planning the donor drive

  • Ensure all registration materials are returned to DKMS in a timely manner after the event

  • Be an enthusiastic champion!


As Part of a Team of Volunteers:

You will…

  • Publicize the donor drive across campus, including through flyers, email blasts, in class announcements, and social media promotion

  • Attend a volunteer training session before the donor drive


 The Process

Steps to having the most successful drive. Cheat codes basically.



This is important. You want to gather a group of enthusiastic, motivated and detail-oriented volunteers to help you manage the drive.

Think about: Logistics, Promotion and Tabling.



This is a fancy way of saying: You need to pick a location, date and time for your drive. Think about the most popular areas of your campus — the library, Student Union, cafeteria, etc — and where you want to set up. Make sure there is enough space to set up a table + chairs and never book a drive near final exams, holidays or any time when your friends are away. Sound good? Let’s keep going.


Kickoff Meeting

Once you’re feeling good about your team, it’s time to start brainstorming how to make your drive the greatest ever. Or, at least as close to that as possible. In order to do that, we’ll hook you up with a DKMS Drive Coach who will help your team create a to-do list and assign tasks to each member. Your Drive Coach will help your team stay on task and generate creative ideas to attract extra attention to your drive.


Talk about it

We’ll keep this part simple: You need to promote your drive so people will come out and swab. Work with your team and Drive Coach to get the word out and don’t let up until the day of the event.



You’ll be working with your Drive Coach to schedule a training session with your team. You won’t have to hit the gym, but you will need to put an hour aside to review all the steps around setting up a swab station, registering new donors and packing up.

Here’s some links to make your life easier:


The Main Event

Before the day of your drive, divide the important tasks among your team. Who will set up the tables? Who will pack everything up when the drive is over? You get the idea.

Other than that, breathe, have fun, take lots of photos and don’t forget to send them to your Drive Coach!


The Last Step

Follow the instructions from your Drive Coach to return all the used (and unused) drive materials. Most importantly, make sure to ship the swabs back in 5 business days. Here’s how to do that:


And just like that, you just helped someone get closer to finding a match. Thank your team, your Drive Coach and get some extra guac on that burrito tonight. You deserve it.