Earn money.

Save lives.

How to earn grant money for your organization by hosting swab drives.

ureact College Grant Program

*Please note: Camp Kesem and Love Your Melon Campus Crews are not eligible for the grant program. Please contact your DKMS drive coach for more information.

Help us save the lives of patients in need of a bone marrow transplant AND earn grant money for your student organization!

DKMS is giving any school sanctioned student group the chance to apply for a grant by hosting a campus wide bone marrow donor drive between August 1, 2019 and December 6, 2019 and documenting your planning efforts on a grant application. DKMS will award six $1300 grants by December 13th, 2019 to student organizations who are willing to work hard to organize a successful and unique donor drive. Application selection is broken down into the following categories:

I. Promotion and Education

Spreading the word about your donor drive and educating your campus about what it means to be a bone marrow donor is the most important aspect of hosting a donor drive. This section of the application will allow you to share your promotional and educational efforts. We know that simply checking a box can’t showcase all of your creativity, so you will be given the opportunity to include either screenshots, videos, or links backing up your work. The grant selection team will take this into consideration when reviewing applications. Please reach out to your Donor Recruiter to get tips on how to maximize points earned in this area. Points can be earned from the following tasks:

a. Social Campaign 1 point will be awarded for each social media post your group makes and documents.

b. Informational Tabling – 10 pts.max. Efforts to educate your classmates by setting up an informational table on campus where students can stop by and receive more information about registering at the drive. 1 point per hour tabling will be awarded up to 10 points.

c. Group Speaking Opportunities Speaking to classes or student groups about becoming a donor and the drive details Through a minimum of a 5 minute presentation. Presentations must be documented through a screen shot of an email of the group or class leader confirming your speaking slot. 3 points will be awarded for each presentation.

d. Successful Press Initiatives – 6 pts. max. Any press secured directly through the hosting student group.

e. Standout Creative Efforts – 6 pts. max. List a maximum of 3 additional creative efforts in promotion. These must be areas where you went above and beyond DKMS provided materials. For example, you can create a custom promotional video to share on campus, work with a local bakery to have themed cookies donated to the drive, or create props at your table for a swabbing photo station.

II. Drive Stats – 40 points max.

This section will allow your organization to share the results of the donor drive. We will be asking you to report your total registrations, total number of volunteers, number of dollars fundraised, and number of students on campus. This will allow us to calculate and award points for the follow categories:

a. Number of Potential Donors Registered

  • 0 to 50 - 3 pts.

  • 51 to 75 - 6 pts.

  • 76 to 100 - 9 pts.

  • 101 to 125 - 12 pts.

  • 126 to 175 - 15 pts.

  • 176 to 225 - 18 pts.

  • 226 to 300 - 21 pts.

  • 301 to 375 - 24 pts.

  • 376 to 425 - 27 pts.

  • 426 plus - 30 pts.

b. Number of Registrants Per Volunteer

  • 0 to 10 – 1 pts.

  • 11 to 20 – 3 pts.

  • 21 and over – 5 pts.

c. Percent of Registration Costs Covered

Fundraising in an optional portion of hosting a donor drive, but because it costs DKMS $45 every time we add someone to the registry, fundraising is encouraged and will be taken into consideration during the grant application process.

III. Hours Swabbed – 5 points max.

The time you spend registering donors on campus will be considered during the grant selection process. Your group will indicate how many total hours your swabbing stations were available on campus. For example, if you were set up one day in the Student Center from 10am to 2pm and the Dining Hall from 11am to 3pm, you would indicate 8 hours total. If you were set up for two days from 10am to 2pm in both the Student Center and the Dining Hall you would indicate 16 hours total. The possible points rewarded breaks down as follows: 0 to 10 – 2 pts. 11 to 25 – 3 pts. 26 and over – 5 pts.

IV. Donor Recruiter Evaluation

The donor recruiter who assisted you with hosting the drive will also be given the chance to evaluate your efforts. They will be awarding points based on the following categories:

  • Timely communication – 4 pts. max. Was your group responsive and easy to contact throughout the planning process?

  • Follow through of tasks given – 3 pts. max. After meetings or phone calls, were the tasks and ideas generated completed by your organization?

  • Following SOPs – 3 pts. max. Did you listen to their instructions and follow directions to complete tasks correctly?

A link to the application website can be requested from the Donor Recruiter assisting with your drive. Each school will be judged against school of a similar size in a small, medium and large category. Two grants will be given to small schools (under 5,000), two grants to medium schools (5,000 to 10,999) and two grants to large schools (11,000 and over). All applications must be submitted by 5pm EST on June 3rd, 2019. All winners will be announced via email by June 14th, 2019 and will be followed up by a phone call the following week to confirm payment details. Throughout the application process, please feel free to contact your Donor Recruiter with any questions.

Take your first step and shoot us an email at ureact@dkms.org.