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What is the point of ureact?

ureact was designed with the future in mind. As the world becomes more diverse, we need to create a bone marrow registry that reflects this change. We’ve built a platform that provides young people with the tools to shape our future right from our campuses. The purpose of ureact is to inspire people to bring awareness and become lifelong stewards of the DKMS mission of defeating blood disorders and blood cancers.

Why is it important for me to do something? 

Simply put, young people are the best bone marrow donors because they give patients the best chance at survival. It’s up to us to diversify the registry so that a larger pool of people have the chance of finding their lifesaving match.

Also, it’s important to be kind to others, so that’s kind of cool too.

How many people are affected by blood cancers and disorders in the U.S?

Anyone can be affected. Blood cancers and disorders are not prevalent in any one group of people.

Every 3 minutes, an American is diagnosed with a blood cancer. That means by the time you’re finished listening to that song on Spotify, someone’s life will be affected. Every year, approximately 12,000 new searches for bone marrow or stem cell transplants are initiated from patients in need of a compatible donor outside their family.

What is an initiator? 

An initiator is the heart and soul of ureact. They are someone who organizes a donor drive at their school, campus, club or organization and helps register new people for the bone marrow registry. The registration process is as simple as filling out a form and swabbing both of your cheeks with a cotton swab for 90 seconds each. Curious to learn more about being an initiator? Click Here

What happens when someone registers to be a donor with DKMS? 

After someone completes a registration at a drive (or online), the information is added to DKMSs secure donor database and the swabs are sent to a laboratory for typing. Then, that person is anonymously listed on the registry and they will be contacted if they are matched with someone in need.


I don't have time to be an initiator, what else can I do? 

It's all good! You can still get involved by volunteering at a drive, running a fundraiser or simply going on Instagram and sharing our story. 

Are you guys going to spam me if I sign up? 

No. You will only receive essential communications because we know how annoying it can be.

What happens after I graduate college?

Great question. We’ll be in touch! Whether it’s inviting you to an Initiators-only Brunch or giving you free tickets to our yearly Blood Ball. This is a long term relationship and we hope to grow with you.